Renting a private speedboat on Koh Mak

Don't feel like sharing the comfort and exhilarating joy of traveling by speedboat? Don't want to wait for others to get out of the water, when you're done exploring a diving or snorkel site? Then why not rent your own private speedboat? You can charter a private speedboat on Koh Mak for as little as 7000 baht for a half day and you will be in complete control without having to worry that some fellow passenger may accidentally damage your belongs, because they thought it was their empty towel they picked up. For private group tours, you will find that our 30 seater 400 horsepower boats have just the kind of power you need and would expect when zipping across the crystal clear waters between the hundreds of islands in or around Koh Mak.

At this point there are not standard trips or tours set out yet, so if you are interested in renting a private speed boat on Koh Mak, please feel free to send us an e-mail with the planned route or destination(s), so that we can make an fitting offer for you. Expect more information here soon, however.