Koh Mak Speedboat Services

By far the most comfortable way to travel between Laem Ngop (Laem Ngob), on the mainland near Trad city in the east of Thailand and the tropical island Koh Mak (Ko Mak or Koh Maak), is by Leelawadee speed boat.

Enjoy the excitement of travelling by fast speedboat when you are being transferred from the pitoresque Krom Luang pier in Laem Ngop to the beautiful Makathanee Resort pier on the South West of Koh Mak island in only 45-60 minutes.

Koh Mak Speedboat offer you this speed boat transfer service to Koh Maak on behalf of the well respected and often praised Leelawadee Speedboat company which is based on Koh Mak island. This well known speedboat company has been carrying both local people as well as ever increasing numbers of vacationers safely to and from Ko Mak for many years without any incidents, and intend to maintain this perfect track record for many years to come.

Lilawadee speedboat company owns several types of speedboats, which allow us to carry nearly any size of group from the Krom Luang pier at the mainland to the Makathanee pier on Koh Mak island.

During the high season (from November until late May) the boat to Koh Mak and Laem Ngop runs at the following times (times last adjusted on 2017-11-14):

Boat to & from Koh Mak time table

Transfer from - to:  Departures: Arrivals:
Laem Ngop to Koh Mak 10:30, 14:00 11:20, 14:50
Laem Ngop to Koh Wai 10:30  
Koh Mak to Laem Ngop 08:00, 11:30 08:50, 12:20
Koh Mak to Koh Wai 08:00  
Koh Wai to Laem Ngop 08:30  

Speed boat fares between Laem Ngop and Koh Mak

Speedboat Transfer Rates from - to:  Fare:
Laem Ngop (Trat) < - > Ko Mak (Makathanee pier)

450 baht

Krom Luang Pier in Laem Ngop (Trat) - > Koh Wai 450 baht
Koh Mak (Makathanee pier) -> Koh Wai 400 baht

Children under 130 cm pay only 300 baht, children under 100 cm can travel free of charge if they remain on a parent's lap during the entire trip. However, it's highly recommend to buy tickets / seats for smaller ones as well, as the standard seats do not offer a lot of extra space and luggage storage area is limited.

All boats and passengers are fully covered by our 1s class insurance.

Please us this booking form to order & pay boat tickets online. Reservations are required nearly the entire year, as this boat to Koh Mak and Koh Wai also serves as the main bus boat for locals on Ko Mak while during the low season from 15 June until late October, there will be only two boats per day on weekends and just one on weekdays, as per below table.

Weekend Low Season transfer from - to:  Departure:
Laem Ngop to Koh Mak 10:30, 14:00 11:15, 14:45
Koh Mak to Laem Ngop 08:00, 11:30 08:45, 12:15
Weekday Low Season transfer from - to:  Departure:
Laem Ngop to Koh Mak 14:00 14:45
Koh Mak to Laem Ngop 11:30 12:15

If you are traveling from Koh Chang to Koh Mak, from Koh Mak to Koh Kood, from Koh Kood to Koh Mak or from Koh Mak to Koh Chang, please visit the Koh Chang to Koh Mak speedboat website for tickets prices and time tables.